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Monthly Archives: November 2010

  • The Truth about iPhone and iPad Water Damage

    Your iPhone and/or iPad probably have a very important role in your life. You take it with you wherever you go and rely on it for staying in touch, staying productive and staying current on things that matter to you. But then the day comes when you make that fatal mistake - your iPhone and/or iPad gets exposed to liquid and stops working.

    Now you start to panic. Your dear little Apple gadget that was a source of happiness and pride just moments ago is now a waterlogged brick of nothing. Immediately you consult your Apple warranty for help. Unfortunately, this will get you nowhere.

    Your iPhone or iPad comes equipped with liquid sensors inside that will tell any technician whether or not the device has come in contact with liquid. If this is the case, you are out of luck with Apple. They will not cover water-damaged devices with their warranty. But you don't want to spend another few hundred bucks on a replacement. What do you do next?

    Naturally you do what the rest of the tech-savvy world does at this point – consult the Internet!

    There are many articles and videos on the Web that attempt to give you helpful advice on curing your water damage problem. Some will tell you to immerse it in a bag of rice to dry it out for a couple days. Or you could put it into a plastic bag with silica packets and see if that does the trick. Some will say you can put it into a hearing aid dryer for a few hours.

    So now you’ve done as the Internet has advised to try and dry out your device, but it is still giving you problems. You turn it on and it works for a while, but when the battery life gets to a certain point it gives you problems again. Now what? You still don’t want to spend the hundreds of dollars on a replacement. Meanwhile you are losing time.

    The conclusion that everyone in this situation comes to is eventually the same – get a new device or have it repaired by professionals. That’s where Repair Labs comes in.

    Repair Labs has fixed water-damaged iPhones and iPads for our customers nationwide. People who thought that they would never get another second of use out of their devices have trusted us with their water damage repair and we have delivered. If you have what seems like a hopeless water damaged iPhone or iPad, check out our repair services here.

    by , Tech Expert, Freelance Writer.

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