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Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • Proper Water Damage Care

    We know you hate it when your phone slips out of your fingers and into that puddle of water.  Or when you forget it in your pocket and it goes through the washer.  There is nothing worse for your device than water.  Our water damage repair specialists have an excellent reputation of restoring soaked devices, but not every device can be saved.  A lot of it comes down to what you do right after the device gets wet.

    Should you accidentally drench your favorite device, there are a few steps that will help minimize the damage.

    1. Don't attempt to turn the device on.  If it's miraculously still on, turn it off.  Continuing to use your iPhone or iPad after it's had water damage will cause more problems than a few days' use is worth.
    2. If you can, remove the battery.  Don't pry open your iPhone or iPad unless you're experienced, but removing the battery will prevent a lot of corrosion.
    3. If you dropped your device in chlorinated or salt water, try putting it in an alcohol bath. (Rubbing alcohol, scotch won't help you here)  This will help draw out the worst of those particles that can cause a lot of problems.
    4. Send it to an iPhone repair specialist right away.  Waiting to send off your device will only give that water more time to seep into the vital parts of your iDevice, giving it time to corrode valuable connections.  One tip our top water damage specialist gives is putting your device in front of a fan before you package it up.  It won't dry it out or solve your problems, but it can help minimize the damage.

    Following these easy steps will help cut down on your device's damage and might end up saving your favorite toy.

  • Stop SOPA and PIPA

    If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you have probably heard of SOPA and PIPA, two bills before Congress that could severely limit our internet freedoms. Though many of the main co-sponsors have abandoned the bill in the last few days, your congressmen still need to hear from you. Many of the largest internet companies have gone black today to help spread the word. You can go to Google or Wikipedia (which has gone totally dark), to learn more about how you can let your local congressmen know that you don't support SOPA and PIPA.  Sign the petition and spread the word.

    Learn more about the bills in the video below.

    by , Tech Expert, Freelance Writer.

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