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Apple Headphone Jack EXCLUSIVE Parts Photo: could it be an iPad Mini Part Leak?

The sources at have once again provided the techs at RepairLabs with exclusive photos.  We believe that these photos are genuine headphone jack components from the much-anticipated iPad Mini, rumored to be released this September.

In contrast to previously released parts photos from and, we think these photos are more likely to be the real deal.


Supporting Evidence for Genuine iPad Mini Part:

iPad Mini Headphone Jack Photo Leak

Picture 1, Leaked Headphone Jack Images

Picture 1 (Leaked Headphone Jack Images)

  • Very similar to iPad 3 headphone jack
  • It’s short and stumpy: would take up less real estate in iPad mini
  • Black, not gold—black is the standard Apple color of parts
  • This is a complete part ready for assembly into device
  • Standard Apple barcode visible on back
  • Exact yellow adhesive as used in previous iPad parts
  • Many similarities to iPad 3 (see below.)



















Leaked Photo’s Similarities to iPad 3 Headphone Jack

iPad 3 headphone Jack

iPad 3 Headphone Jack, front and back views

  • Both have slide flex cables that connect the logic board
  • The headphone jack makeup is very similar
  • The connection from the Leaked Photos strongly resemble the logic board of the iPad 3
  • Same cable type: Black color and “lined.”
  • Opposite side: you can see a real example of the barcode typical to Apple Products









Problems with the Other Images as Genuine iPad Mini Photos


iPad Mini Headphone Jack from believes this is the iPad Mini headphone jack



iPad Mini headphone jack from iResq

iResq 's version of the iPad Mini headphone jack

  • Not a complete part, in that it has no port on it
  • No barcode
  • We think this looks like a mark-up part, used for testing before the final design
  • This photo they indicates that the headphone jack is going to be in close proximity to the charger port.
  • The home button flex positioning puts it at risk for tearing when disassembled.



  • Doesn’t detail Apple Barcode very well
  • A copper colored coating, rather than the typical flat black. Apple hasn’t used this color since iPhone 2G. Apple is known for its crisp black cables
  • Also show the headphone jack close to charger port
  • The home button flex appears to be positioned underneath the charger port such that it would be at high risk for tearing when disassembling the device



One major difference between our photos and the others are that ours show the traditional setup: the headphone jack with a bit of distance before the charger port. The images from iResq and suggest that the jack and port will be closer together, making the iPad Mini more like a smartphone in design. Who’s right? That remains to be decided.

As we speculated earlier, in our post about the similarities between the upcoming iPhone and the 3GS, Apple may be reviving some oldies but goodies. This seems to be the case with the iPad Mini too, in mimicking the some of the successful design elements  of the iPad 3, just in a cute little mini package.




Curtis Taylor

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