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  • iPhone Beer Fest

    A few fun tips, tricks, hacks, and ideas to integrate your iPhone, beer and lifestyle.

    There is very little that the iPhone cannot do, or improve upon. I bet you didn’t know it could improve your beer experience. That’s right. Since we’re in the middle of a heat wave, and everybody fantasizes about cracking open a cold one, I thought I’d put a spin on the idea, and show everybody how the iPhone can help you get your drink on.

    iPhone Beer Opener

    Check out this Opena iPhone case that acts as a lever bottle opener to protect your phone. I’m invisioning a future Swiss Army iPhone case that has a zillion survival capabilities, including Taser toothpick and nail clipper.  But this is an excellent start.

    opena case iPhone beer opener

    The power block HACK for iPhone Beer Opening.

    Have you seen this one? You simply use your power block from your iPhone, iPad or MacBook to break into a cold one. WAAAY better than using your teeth.  Image repined via John Ludwig on Pinterest. Original source unavailable.

    iPhone beer opens with power block!

    iPhone Beer Apps

    Always looking for that next beautiful craft beer. Mosey on over and have a little look at this well-reviewed app.  Craft Beer App by Affect Global has an extensive library of beers, each described in meaty detail. You can also rate and share your various beer experiences. Also has videos!

    iPhone beer app for craft beers

    Need an alarm to remind you to drink your beer once you clock out? Neither do we, but this is a fun Instagram style app that allows you to share your good taste and Beer Preferences with your social networks, and to celebrate getting off work with a little good natured fun. Check out the New Belgium Beer App here.

    iphone beer app shift time new belgium

    And monitor your consumption of beer in this app, BeerStat. You can count your calories and set daily and weekly limits for moderation.

     iPhone beer app Beer Stat

    And finally, RepairGenius would like to remind you to please drink responsibly. Never drink and drive.  All of these iPhone Beer ideas are fun, but none are worth someone getting hurt.

    by , Tech Expert, Freelance Writer.

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