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  • Ditch Your Android - Sync Your Google Contacts

    With the $99 iPhone 4 and the new iPhone 4S, more and more people are upgrading to an iPhone. If you're still sporting that slow Android and are worried about losing your contacts if you switch to an iPhone, we can help. With a combination of Google and iTunes, transferring contacts to your shiny new iPhone is easier than ever.

    First, on your Android, select Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> Select your Gmail Account -> Click Sync Contacts. That's it! Now that your contacts are backed up, it's really easy to move them to your iPhone.

    Plug your iPhone in to your computer (if you don't have iOS 5 especially) and open iTunes. From there, select your phone and then Info. From there, choose Google Contacts from the Sync Contacts with drop down. (See image below)

    iTunes Screenshot Import Gmail Contacts

    It's easy and takes just a couple of steps. Now you can easily move all those important numbers to your brand new iPhone!

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