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  • Operation HERO: Because everyone has a little super hero in them.

    Operation: HERO, Help Each Repair Overcome, Charitable Donation Program

    Program Logo.

    RepairLabs New Donation Program works with Diabetes Action Foundation


    Fix iPhones and RepairLabs launch our charitable giving donation program today along with our first partner charity organization, the Diabetes Action Research and Education

    Foundation. And we couldn’t be prouder.

    Sitting down with our CEO, Content and Social Media Manager, Webmaster and Head of Design, we hatched a plan. Our goal was to create a program we could empower our customers to give, and educate them on the worthy causes we support. We wanted to create a system where our customers could easily and inexpensively give to good causes.  From that meeting we developed Operation HERO: Help Each Repair Overcome. With the help of our customers, we want to overcome diabetes, challenges faced by wounded vets, cruelty to animals, and many other issues that touch our lives.

    We decided that the best way to facilitate that was to create a “Donation at Checkout” option.  Now our customers can choose to add $1, $5…$20…even $100 to their total to go to an organization that makes a real impact in the world.  Additionally we decided to use our social profiles to get out the charities’ messages:  tweeting, blogging, facebooking their messages out to our audiences and spreading the word to help them reach their goals. We were so excited about this program that we began brainstorming what else we could do. We want to create infographics, videos, buzz and enthusiasm about these great causes.

    Now, when “tragedy” strikes and your iPhone, or iPad breaks, you can take that weakness and turn it into a strength, just like the Batman did when he turned his fear of bats into the awesomest super hero persona ever. Ok, well maybe not just like that, but you’re still creating a real positive out of a huge bummer.  And speaking of super heroes, we plan to include our own little hero in each of our charity pages to encourage everybody to keep clicking and learning about all of our organizations.

    BCG Man, Fights Diabetes. Part of Infographic from donation program for Diabetes Action Foundation

    One of our super heroes.

    The bottom line is that every single dollar helps. Everyone can contribute. Everyone can be a hero.  Every dollar goes directly to your charity. And the best part: we will match every donation up to $100, so each donation counts for double.  Doubling your gift? That really is a super power.


    The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation.

    We are honored to announce our first partner organization. The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation has been an amazing partner in developing this program, always available, professional and helpful.

    This fantastic organization is a top rated cause on That means that they are committed to using donor funds in the most efficient way possible. $0.96 of every dollar goes directly to their programs, not administrative costs.  They also have in place strong policies of accountability and effectiveness and positive impact.

    But the real reason that we wanted to work with them is the amazing work that they do. Already they have funded 260 separate research studies to treat, prevent and cure diabetes. They have 20 years of experience in focusing on alternative research and education.

    They state their mission as:

    “The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation (Diabetes Action), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1990, is committed to the prevention and treatment of diabetes and to the funding of innovative, promising research aimed at finding a cure for diabetes and diabetes related complications.”

    They focus on funding research for a cure, research on nutrition, research to prevent and treat diabetes and international medical assistance.  Among some of their really exciting programs are a children’s diabetes camp scholarship program, and American Indian diabetes prevention program.  They also run the Diabetes University, an interactive online educational program for patients. One study that they are currently funding (which we detail here) offers hope for a cure in the use of a drug called BCG, with its role in protecting the pancreas from disease causing T cells.

    At RepairLabs, we truly believe we will see a cure in our lifetimes, and we want to help get there. We believe that each time we donate together, we get that much closer to ending this disease.                                                                                                   Diabetes Action Research and Education Logo

    by , Tech Expert, Freelance Writer.

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