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  • The Top 12 iPhone Cases

    As iPhones continue to increase in popularity, the wide range of choices for outfitting them with a protective case continues to grow and expand as well. But with so many options, styles and features available these days, how do you know if you're getting the right iPhone case to meet your individual needs? At Repair Labs we have compiled this list of 12 unique and useful case options with thoughtful insights for you to consider before you make a purchase.

    Incipio 1337 Silicone Gaming Case

    The Incipio 1337 iPhone case is the best option for the iPhone gamers out there. It is ergonomically designed for optimal gaming

    iPhone Case

    Incipio 1337 Silicone Gaming Case

    control and functionality. The grip pads on the sides help keep your thumbs free for action and your hands from cramping.

    In addition to it's enhanced gaming design, the camera opening on the case blocks glare from your iPhone's lens. This will help you take sharper photos and avoid washed out images.

    Naztech Energy Holster

    The Naztech Energy Holster iPhone case is perfect for those of us using battery-draining apps all day long. This case's rechargeable battery pack charges your iPhone on the go. Now you can play all the music, games, video and movies you want and never run out of battery life.

    iPhone Case 1

    Naztech Energy Holster

    It comes equipped with a spring clip in the back, a ratcheting belt clip and a USB charging input for the 2400mA polymer battery. There is an LED battery indicator, so you will know at all times how much juice you have left. The case is lightweight with a soft rubber grip. Say goodbye to constantly conserving your battery life forever.

    Belkin Cinema Case

    The Belkin Cinema iPhone Case is both stylish and practical. While protecting your phone with its impact-resistant shell, its best feature is the kickstand on the back that lets you set your iPhone on any flat surface and view your photos, videos and more.

    iPhone Case 2

    Belkin Cinema Case

    This flexible plastic case looks sleek and comes in multiple colors while protecting your phone completely. It includes a screen protection kit and the polycarbonate design covers the back and 4 corners of your phone without inhibiting functionality.

    DLO Vent Mount

    The DLO Vent Mount iPhone case is ideal for travel and for busy people who use their phone in a number of settings. Firstly, it allows you to attach your phone to your vehicle's air vent while you drive for easy accessibility. You can position your phone vertically or horizontally 360 degrees to view your GPS display, incoming calls or traffic information at a glance.

    iPhone Case 3

    DLO Vent Mount

    Once you arrive at your destination, it then converts into a belt clip while you're walking and lastly it becomes a desktop stand once you sit down again. This case is ideal because it allows you to display you're iPhone wherever the day takes you.

    Marware Sidewinder Deluxe

    One look at the Marware Sidewinder Deluxe iPhone case and you know why it's one of the most popular cases around. It features a sleek, slim holster for carrying ease at your side, a removable belt clip, a retractable sidearm where you can wind your headphone cord and a flexi-shell case that provides exterior protection and smooth access to all your phone's functions.

    iPhone Case 4

    Marware Sidewinder Deluxe

    The shell snaps securely in and out of the holster, which allows you to combine the benefits of two cases in one. The sidearm slides back and forth from behind the case to allow you to keep your headphones attached and plugged into your phone while you carry it, making it the most complete carry-all solution.

    Otterbox Water Resistant Case

    The Otterbox Water-Resistant iPhone Case was designed to fit all kinds of PDAs and smartphones. While it is airtight crush-proof and water-resistant, the manufacturer notes that is not submersible and shouldn't be taken underwater. But if you live in an area where heavy rains can damage your phone, this case will have you covered.

    iPhone Case 5

    Otterbox Water Resistant Case

    It also requires that you use a Bluetooth headset to access the iPhone's features. It comes with a velcro hand strap and an exterior stylus holder. This case won't be for everyone. But for those who need its unique protection, it's the best defense against the elements.

    Griffin Elan Passport Metal

    The Griffin Elan Passport Metal iPhone case gives your phone a more sophisticated style than other skins and cases. Made of genuine leather, it flips open for easy access to all of your phone's features.

    iPhone Case 6

    Griffin Elan Passport Metal

    The lining is made of microsuede and protects your display from scratches, cracks and smudges. Its polished chrome accents complete its look while not over-complicating it. Simple and elegant, this case definitely has a more “grown-up” style.

    Scosche soundKASE

    If you like to walk, run or bike, the Scosche soundKASE for iPhone is for you. It features an adjustable armband that fits all sizes of arm and fits snugly while you move.

    iPhone Case 7

    Scosche soundKASE

    Another great feature is that it has a slot on the side to put your keys while you exercise, so you can finally stop having them rattle inside your pockets or dangle from your shoelaces. By far the best sport case for iPhone, it also features reflective accents so you can be seen at night. It seems like they thought of everything.

    CaseMate Stealth

    The CaseMate Stealth is not so much case for your iPhone as it is a casing. If you take public transportation or have encountered other situations where people are staring over your shoulder at your screen, you know how frustrating it can be. This case will eliminate your screen spies' view once and for all.

    iPhone Case 8

    Casemate Stealth

    The backing is a matte black adhesive while the front is a darkened screen protector which provides only a 45-degree viewing angle. Now only you will be able to see your screen while it's in front of you. It only takes about a minute to apply, and you're ready to go. It also works great in combination with another, more-traditional protective case.

    iLuv Fusion Hybrid Case with Stand

    The iLuv Fusion Hybrid Case with Stand is only for the iPhone 4, but it provides some cool features and extra layers of protection that make it worth consideration. The first feature to notice is the kickstand on the back. If you like to play movies or video, this is a must-have feature. It let you lay your phone horizontally on any flat surface and view the screen at a perfect angle.

    iPhone Case 9

    iLuv Fusion Hybrid with Stand

    The second reason this case is a cut above is because of it's sturdy construction and layering. The shell is a dual layer of silicone and polycarbonate while the screen is covered by a protective film to keep the screen from being damaged. It also comes in a variety of colors, so for iPhone 4 owners this case packs value for the money.

    Contour Design Flick

    The Contour Design Flick iPhone case is uncomplicated to use, has a sleek style and provides powerful protection. The shell consists of two lightweight polycarbonate pieces joined near the bottom by a rubberized hinge. Simply open the hinge, slide the phone into place and “flick” the hinge closed to lock it shut.

    iPhone Case 10

    Contour Design Flick

    When you need to charge your phone, clean it or upload songs, flick it open and slide the phone back out. See? Nothing to it. If you want a removable case that's easy to use, has a simple design and looks good, this is the one you want.

    Incipio Orion Sleeve

    The Incipio Orion Sleeve is another slender case for your iPhone that provides security, style and simplicity. Much like standard Blackberry cases, the Orion sleeve encases your phone completely while it's EasyReach system and rigid insert provide easy accessibility.

    iPhone Case 11

    Incipio Orion Sleeve

    This design has won a lot of fans because it protects your phone from virtually anything. It comes in a variety of colors and materials, so you have many options for getting the perfect sleeve for your style and budget.

    So there you have it. These 12 case options we've covered feature a wide range of choices and styles, so we hope you were able find one that meets your needs. Each case mentioned on the list is available for purchase on our Website and we at Repair Labs hope this list has served to help you in your search for the perfect iPhone case. Also remember that if you ever need repairs on your iPhone or iPad for any reason, our certified technicians will fix the damage and have your iPhone or iPad

    back to you immediately like new the same or next day. Thanks again for reading!

    To read more articles from Repair Labs, read our Hubspot blog here!

    by , Tech Expert, Freelance Writer.

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