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  • Grateful for Thanksgiving Apps

    We have rounded up a few fun apps for Thanksgiving weekend.

    To start, if your aunt has finally shared that fabulous roll recipe with you, check out The Cookbook to save it. Put all your favorite recipes in one easy-to-edit program, and you can easily share them with friends and family via email and social networks.

    Thanksgiving Photo Cards let you send fun Ecards to friends and family. Add your picture, write on the card, and email. It's easy!


    Want to plan for Black Friday tomorrow? Ditch the newspaper ads or trying to go from site to site. Instead, download TGI Black Friday. It will help you sort all the deals, locations, and can even send Push Notifications to your phone.

    by , Tech Expert, Freelance Writer.

  • A Couple Apps to Share

    We don't just fix iPhones. We spend plenty of time on our own devices.

    Morfo LogoSenior Technician Taylor admits to spending most of his weekend playing with Morfo 3D Face Booth. I wish I was kidding. But check out the hilarious video below. It's pretty self-explanatory of what the app does. Taylor says it's the best $1.99 he's ever spent. What's more funny is watching him dance while watching the video he's made. I'll have to rig up a hidden camera to catch that gem.


    We also discovered Fake Conversation this week. It lets you arrange a fake phone call to your iPhone. Great to get yourself out of that boring family function or just to impress girls at the bar (there's a Doctor conversation that tells you what to say so you sound professional).

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