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Innovating a way to Prevent, Heal, and Cure

The mission of the Diabetes Action Foundation is to educate and research this disease. They have an extremely low cost of operations, with 96% of every dollar going towards their initiatives. Some of their most exciting recent outreach initiatives include the “Diabetes University” to educate patients, diabetes camps, to help kids feel normal and learn to live with the disease, and supplying international aid to Haiti after the 2010 Earthquake. They have 20 years’ experience and have conducted 260 studies to cure, prevent and treat diabetes.

One of the groundbreaking studiesn Diabetes Action supports, led by Denise L. Faustman, MD, PhD., and Associate Professor at Harvard, shows promise for actually finding a cure to diabetes. You can learn more about it below, as well as a story from our team member Michelle, who is living with diabetes.

Michelle’s Personal Story

Hello my name is Michelle Abril and I am Head of Design for I am looking forward to the partnership with the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation. It’s exciting to know that my company will double all donations made to the Foundation.

I myself have had type I diabetes since the age of 12. When you’re a child it can be hard when you discover you have diabetes. I thought I was going to have a different life than the other kids my age. Now that I am older I know that I can have a normal life, even with diabetes, I just have to work hard.

I check my blood sugar levels 4 times a day and I use an insulin pump to control my diabetes. The Diabetes Action website as some great tips for pump users in their Q&A section. It’s not easy to control my blood sugars especially with a busy life like mine, but it is rewarding. It’s especially important now to keep control of my diabetes since I am expecting my first child. I have to work a little bit harder, but it’s paying off because my A1C is down to 6.0.

The HERO program is great because our customers can choose to give back to the Diabetes Action Foundation. They do a lot of great work to educate those with diabetes. Not to mention all of the research they do towards finding a cure. Hopefully someday they will find a cure, but until then education is a big step in helping to keep us diabetics healthy.

A Program for the Cure of Type 1 Diabetes

Bad T cells cause disease and attack the pancreas. BCG Man swoops in to save it!
BCG (bacillus Calmetter-Guerin) is a generic drug that prevents the bad T-cels from killing the islet cells.
BCG Man creates a wall of good, regulatory T cells, called T regs, to shield the pancreas. Because of this, the pancreas is even able to secrete insulin for a period of time. Phase II of the study, which your contributions will help to fund—will determine the frequency of the dosage for the BCG treatment that’s required to keep blood sugar at normal levels.


Phase II needs funding now to continue. Researchers currently have $8.5 million of the $25 million they need in order to finish the study. And that’s just one of the programs that your donation can help when you choose to give at checkout. The Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation also supports many other programs. And they stretch every dollar. Only 2.8% of all donations go to administrative costs. The rest goes right to research, and education, to helping people like Dr. Faustman and Michelle in the hunt for a cure.