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Here at we want to help. We believe in giving back, and we want to be able to help in a broad range of ways. We all have different passions and different causes that touch our lives, so we developed Operation HERO by RepairLabs to be able to work with a variety of different charities. We are careful to only work with the charities that have the best ratings and reputations, so you can be confident that your contributions are being used wisely.

As one of the Web’s most trusted resources for iPhone Repair, we think that we can both raise awareness and raise funds for worthy causes. Our mission with Op. HERO is to educate and empower our customers to help others with a simple and inexpensive donation option. We believe every dollar counts and that working together, we can change the world.

Your contribution helps. Every dollar helps. 100% of your donation is deposited directly to the charity. And will match every donation up to $100. We put our money where our mouth is, so your donation counts for double.

With your donation, each repair will help to overcome problems that touch all our lives. So, while we’re helping you to overcome breaking your device, Op. HERO is helping overcome diabetes, for example. Each time you give when you purchase a repair, we give too. We can make every repair count towards something bigger than us all.

Join our hero program .... because everyone has a little super hero in them.


It’s real simple to donate. Once you have located your repair or product add it to your cart, and then proceed to the checkout page.

Simply choose the “I want to donate” Button on the Checkout page right above the Order Summary Section and enter the amount that you want to give, anything from $1 up.

Remember RepairLabs will match up to $100 of each donation.

Once you have checked out, you can learn more about each organization or donate directly to them through the link on our Op:HERO page.

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Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation’s is committed to educating patients and pursuing research for a cure for Diabetes. They are a low-overhead organization, devoting $0.96 of every dollar to programs, with 20 years’ experience, and have conducted 260 studies to prevent, treat and cure diabetes.

View more about Diabetes Action Research >

Best Friends Animal Society

Every day, more than 9,000 pets are killed in America’s shelters simply because they don’t have a home. Each one an individual. Each one a valued life worth saving. 9,000. That number should be zero. And it can be. Through adoption and spay/neuter programs, public engagement, and strategic collaboration with communities, rescue groups and shelters, we can change society for good. Join Best Friends Animal Society in their mission to save animals in shelters and bring about a time of No More Homeless Pets®.

View more about Best Friends Animal Society >

Best Friends Animal Society
Partnership at DrugFree

The Partnership at

If you have a loved one suffering from drug addiction, the tools and information available from are invaluable. With all of the information being gathered by Drugfree coming from legitimate, trusted professionals, you can breathe a little easier knowing that they are offering you the best information on the web in regards to intervening in the life of a drug-addicted love one, as well as preventing drug addiction in the first place.

View more about The Partnership at >

Love Without Boundaries

The life of one small boy in China was the catalyst for the formation of one of the most respected charitable foundations around today. Love Without Boundaries has since grown into one a foundation dedicated to the well-being of impoverished and orphaned children all over rural China. These children receive the love and care they need in several ways, such as education, foster care opportunities, as well as helping them with proper nutrition, and getting them the medical care needed for them to live a proper life.

View more about Love Without Boundaries >

Love Without Boundaries
Canines For Disabled Kids

Canines For Disabled Kids

If your child suffers from any type of life-altering disability, Canines for Disabled Kids may be able to help. With an extensive set of tools for you to utilize in the research phase, and the assistance there for when you’ve determined whether your child’s life could be enhanced by a service dog. CDK will help you find the right professionally-trained service dog to fit your child’s needs, as well as help you with the paperwork and forms that need to be filled out. They also offer a scholarship program to help offset the cost of a service dog for children under 18.

View more about Canines For Disabled Kids >

Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude strives to help make the lives of those who serve our Nation better. Their mission has always been one of great personal importance, and as they march closer to sending their one millionth care package, Operation Gratitude has proven that no matter how big or small the act of kindness is, it can make a profound impact on the lives of the people who receive these small blessings. With care packages containing essentials, commodities, and personal letters – each care package is just a small way of saying, “thank you.”

View more about Operation Gratitude >

Operation Gratitude
Colon Cancer Allinance

Colon Cancer Alliance

Colon Cancer Alliance strives to be your one-stop for all things dealing with colon cancer. They work vigorously to find ways to prevent colon cancer, along with supporting those who have it, and researching the disease. Know that if you need any form of support or help when it comes to colon cancer that Colon Cancer Alliance is one of the most well-respected cancer-prevention societies available to you.

View more about Colon Cancer Alliance >

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Do you have a 501c3 Charitable Organization with a website? You can submit your site to us for consideration to become a partner in Operation HERO.

Please email Anna at for more information.

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