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Functionalities of an iPhone 2G

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You must not bury your head in the sand when there are great devices such as the iPhone 2G. This is a great initiative from Apple. Indeed, it has already curved a notable niche. There is no doubt that a brilliant and strategic mind was involved in the manufacture of iPhones. The functionalities to perform with this essential gadget are simply numerous. You can simply call it a tiny PC. IPhone has tightened its strongholds emerging as one of the best communication gadgets.

The rise of the functionalities of iPhone 2G has hit a record. You can listen to music and still be able to keep track of your meetings. This makes the iPhone 2G to be one of the most advanced devices in terms of technology. You can use it on any computer as long as you have the iPhone charger cable.

Functionalities of an iPhone 2G

Good entertainment features

As you explore the functionalities of the iPhone 2G, thinking of it as an iPod should cross your mind. It comes loaded with iTunes. As a result, you will be a lucky user who will be able to enjoy and download music from the iTunes. With this essential gadget, your entertainment life will never be the same again. The only thing you need to do is to download music from the iTunes and store them on your iPhone. If you want to receive bills as an account holder, it becomes simple. Just proceed and set up your own iTunes account using your iPhone 2G. You can do this simple process even if you are a beginner.

With this device working as an iPod, you can use it to listen to your favorite music. Moreover, you do not need to interrupt your incoming calls in order to enjoy the music. It is possible to know if someone is calling as you listen to your music.

The Perfect Calendar with the iCal Feature

The iPhone 2G can also be used to serve as a calendar. With the iCal feature, you only have to synchronize with your work calendar. It will become easy and simple to track your important appointments using the calendar on your iPhone. You only need to select a reminder in iCal and the iPhone 2G will be able to alert you. There is no way you are going to miss on any appointments and commitments if you have this important communication device.

Moving on, setting conference calls between multiple parties is also easy when you are using the iPhone 2G. It is possible to add many lines to a single call. Keeping track of who is included in the call will also be easy. If you are not present in the meeting, you will still be able to take part using the conference call.