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Why the iPhone 3G Is More Than Just a Phone

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The iPhone 3G has managed to maintain its place near the top of the list. It occupies a unique place in history solely on the credentials of functionality and durability. Many software developers have come up with programs and applications for the iPhone 3G. This means iPhone users have the golden chance to download and enjoy wonderful features. It is a bold move that has made life easier fro the iPhone 3G user.

Why the iPhone 3G Is More Than Just a Phone

The Big Screen Feature

Many features and applications make the iPhone 3G better than the average cell phone. The beautiful and elegant large screen is large enough. It gives the user an opportunity to view all the applications in a big screen. Movies, pictures and videos appear large in the iPhone 3G screen. On top of this, the screen is clear with the ability to display the images in a unique visible way. The color on the screen is also a good feature that makes the appearance of the iPhone 3G beautiful. The screen is made of durable glass. You only need to exercise caution while using it to avoid breakage. If it breaks, it is easy to repair it by ordering a service for iPhone Screen Replacement

Most of the applications meant for the iPhone 3G are available on application stores via iTunes. The iPhone 3G is a wonderful device that performs multiple functions. Signs that the device is growing in demand are already manifest. Quite likely, the iPhone 3G forms the pillar of all the iPhones.

An iPhone 3G can serve as an iPod. If you own this essential gadget, you can take it on a run and enjoy quality music from it. If you are exercising, you do not have to hold your calls. The use of iPhone headphones makes it easy to pick a call and still be able to run and exercise. It is easy to switch between applications and functionalities of the iPhone 3G.

Benefiting from the Calendar through the iCal Feature

If the user wants to keep track of his/her calendar and schedule, the iPhone 3G has all it takes to perform this function. Through the iCal feature, you will be able to keep track of meetings and other important events. There are also notes applications that are helpful when you want to keep track of lists.

In case you did not know, an iPhone 3G can be used as a GPS system. It is a good way of being sure you are on the right road and going to the right direction. There are useful Maps applications that allow the user to create trips. In this way, you will be able to know where exactly you are on the map. iPhone 3G has become very popular among the mobile users because of the vast features. It is more than just a phone.