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Are You Aware Of The Existing iPhone 3GS Shortcuts?

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The iPhone 3Gs have come a long way amid mounting challenges to remain on of Apples best inventions. These devices are no doubt the pillar of the iPhone. They come with wonderful and amazing features any phone enthusiast will fall in love with. With lots of luck, they're accomplished with the iPhone 3Gs. The iPhone 3G is simply a statement to what a brilliant and focused mind can achieve. As much as you may pointedly argue that the iPhone 3Gs are very user friendly, there are short cuts and trips that you may find hard to execute. There are several functionalities associated with the devices that many users no nothing about. For instance, most of the users are not aware of the simplest methods of easy texting and entering contacts into the phone. There are easy short cuts that can make the use of your iPhone 3Gs to be easy.

Are You Aware Of The Existing iPhone 3GS Shortcuts?

Easy texting

Every user of iPhone needs to write a text from time to time. One of the shortcuts on the iPhone 3Gs allows the user to make a period after a sentence. It is a simple task you can execute by tapping the space bar twice on your iPhone 3Gs. This simple exercise will be able to create a period. If you want the next letter in your text to come in upper case, the user only needs to default the shit key. Indeed this outstanding and unique feature saves a lot of time when the user is texting. As a matter of fact, the shortcut prevents one from having to go to the characters tab in order to enter a period and space.

Entering contacts

Entering of contacts has always been a daunting and boring exercise for many phone users. If you connect your iPhone 3Gs into your computer, it will be easy to perform this function. Ensure that all your contacts in the phonebook are updated. The iPhone 3Gs will then update all your contact information from the address book including phone numbers email addresses. This is a very simple way of adding and updating the contacts. If there is any information added, the iPhone 3Gs will also update them.

If you want to have time, you need these tips and tricks for your iPhone 3Gs.They can make the use of this device easy. You do not have to toil and moil in order to use the phone. These are the most popular shortcuts for the iPhone 3Gs.