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The fix-iPhone guarantee: get your iPhone fixed or your money back!
The fix-iPhone guarantee: get your iPhone fixed or your money back!
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  • iPhone 5 Battery Repair

    iPhone 5 Battery Repair

    Do you feel that your iPhone 5 battery doesn't hold charge anymore? Repair Labs and our certified technicians can perform a battery restoration, getting your iPhone 5 back to a like new condition.
  • iPhone 5 Front Glass & LCD Replacement

    iPhone 5 Broken Front Glass and Lcd Repair

    Have a broken LCD and shattered glass on your iPhone 5? Repair Labs can fix it. Send your broken phone to our certified technicians for a complete LCD and glass repair. We can get your iPhone 5 looking like new.
  • iPhone 5 Camera Repair

    iPhone 5 Camera Repair

    Is your iPhone 5 camera as unfocused as a puppy? The camera on your 5 is incredible, so it's frustrating when it doesn't work. Repair Labs can restore your pictures. Send your broken iPhone 5 to our certified technicians for a complete camera repair.
  • Iphone 5 refurb

    iPhone 5 Complete Refurbishment

    Has your iPhone 5 started to look and feel run-down? Send your worn-out 5 to Repair Labs, where our certified technicians will outfit your iPhone 5 with new front and back glass, new frame, buttons, and more.
  • iPhone 5 Diagnostic

    iPhone 5 Diagnostic

    Not sure what your iPhone 5 is doing lately? Let the Repair Labs certified technicians take a look. We offer a $0.99 diagnostic at no obligation to you.
  • iPhone 5 Ear Speaker Repair

    iPhone 5 Ear Speaker Repair

    Find your calls a little quiet because of a broken iPhone 5 ear speaker? Repair Labs can restore your conversations. Send your broken iPhone 5 to our certified technicians for a complete ear speaker repair.
  • iPhone 5 Front Glass Replacement

    iPhone 5 Front Glass Replacement

    iPhone 5 Front Glass Replacement
  • iPhone 5 Headphone Jack Repair

    iPhone 5 Headphone Jack Repair

    Broken audio jack on your iPhone 5 keep you from enjoying your favorite music? Repair Labs can get you hooked back up. Send your broken 5 to our certified technicians for a complete audio jack repair. We can get your phone functioning like new.
  • iphone 5 home button repair

    iPhone 5 Home Button Repair

    Has your home button been a bit unresponsive on your iPhone 5? Buttons wear out over time or can become chipped and worn. Send your broken iPhone 5 to Repair Labs for a complete home button repair.
  • Light Port image iphone 5

    iPhone 5 Lightning Port Repair

    When you plug in your iPhone to charge and nothing happens, it's probably because your Lighting port is malfunctioning. As frustrating as this can be, there is a simple solution. Send your broken iPhone to our certified technicians for a complete lighting port restoration. Here at Repair Labs, we're experts at putting the pieces back in place to make your iPhone look and operate like new again.
  • iPhone 5 Loudspeaker Repair

    iPhone 5 Loudspeaker Repair

    A broken loudspeaker can keep your Siri Assistant from speaking to you from your iPhone 5. Regain the best feature of your phone. Send your broken 5 to Repair Labs, where our certified technicians will complete a loudspeaker repair.
  • iPhone 5 Microphone Repair

    iPhone 5 Microphone Repair

    If no one can hear you on the other end of your iPhone 5, your microphone is broken. Repair Labs can help to restore your conversations. Send your broken iPhone 5 to our certified technicians for a microphone repair.

The Difference is proud to offer the most extensive list of repairs for the iPhone 5 available. With repairs ranging from Battery Replacement to Screen Repair, made possible by our state-of-the-art Ecto-Dynamic System.

Though companies such as iCracked, iResQ, and Mission Repair offer iPhone 5 screen replacements, none of them offer the same quality for the price that does, due in part to the development of our Ecto-Dynamic System for repairing glass. We continue to lead the way for advancement in repair processes in an effort to provide the best repair possible and an everyday affordable price.

iPhone 5 Repairs Offered By

iPhone 5 Glass Replacement – A broken iPhone 5 screen is one of the most common issues today. Luckily we here at have made it affordable for all you thanks to the Ecto-Dynamic System that we use – a state of the art system developed by us that no other repair shop offers. Get your glass fixed today for a nationwide low-price. Please note that damage to the LCD does not fall under this repair, but rather the entire screen replacement repair.

iPhone 5 Water Damage – Most likely the second biggest problem people have with their iPhone 5 is water damage. Now water damage is not always the sign of a klutz or someone with butterfingers, sometimes stuff happens. offers water damage repair at cheap prices.

iPhone 5 Port Repairs – offers a full-range of iPhone 5 Port Repairs, including Lightning Port Repair and Headphone Jack Repair. If you’re having issues with either a port or with one of the buttons, we can get you going again in no time.

iPhone 5 Diagnostic Service – No broken screen, broken ports or water damage on your iPhone 5? Well feel free to send it to us anyways. We’re always here to take a look at your iPhone 5 when you have absolutely no idea what the heck it’s doing!

A Few Things To Consider

We want you as our customer! We will do anything to make that happen, and we promise that you will always be satisfied. Our service upholds the highest level of ethics and treatment of our awesome customers. Become one and you will agree!

There are a few things to consider before sending your device in to Is your problem hardware or software based? Now, you’re more than welcome to use our $0.99 Diagnostic Service, but we may be able to help you solve the issue over the phone for free if it is indeed a simple software issue.

Hardware issues – This would constitute any of the repairs we offer above.

Software Issues – A software issue could be the screen locking up, the phone not booting, or iTunes giving you error messages. If this is the case, please write down any relevant information, such as the Error Code(s) you are receiving, or what the symptoms are and give us a call, we’d be more than happy to help you.

Next Steps From Here

Go through the checkout process and allow our easy to use system and expert repair team work its magic, so you can get your device back in no time.

Once you’ve received your iPhone 5 back from us, here are a few things to consider. An iPhone 5 case or iPhone 5 screen protector to better help protect your investment. If dropping your phone is a common occurrence, than perhaps you should splurge for a thick heavy-duty case, like the ones that Otter Box offers via their Defender series.

A screen protector for your iPhone 5 is not only a great way to protect your screen from little scratches that occur when sliding the phone in and out of your pocket – it also helps protect the screen to a minor extent if you drop it.

iPhone 5 Repair is what does – so don’t trust your iPhone 5 with anybody but the best! With a Limited Lifetime Warranty, Certified Technicians, and an official badge for being awesome, make the easy choice; choose!