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The fix-iPhone guarantee: get your iPhone fixed or your money back!

Since 2008, has been the industry-recognized specialist in iPhone repair. And upon its initial 2010 release, we added iPad repair to our services and have focused solely on these two devices until recently. In that time we have built a strong reputation as the leading iDevice repair site on the Web with our fast, affordable and quality work. From the beginning we've proven to our customers that when it comes to repairing your iPhone or iPad, it makes more sense to go with our dedicated Apple repair experts.

We have served customers from all over the United States from our corporate offices in Wichita, KS through our ever-growing reputation for quality and security. We are BBB accredited, VeriSign Trusted and McAfee Secure. The information you provide us is never given or sold to any third-parties and we use the latest security technology to protect your privacy.

iPod Touch 4th Gen Back Housing Replacement

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Do you have scratched or dented housing on your iPod Touch 4?

Nothing is worse than watching your iPod fall to the floor, except perhaps the dent that you find after the fall. Instead of staring at it angrily, send your broken iPod to Repair Labs. Our certified technicians will replace your back housing with a new casing, getting your iPod back to pristine condition.

At Repair Labs, we know the pain of having a damaged iPod. That's why we have certified technicians on staff to look after each and every detail of the repair process. So when you get your iPod back from us, it will be just like the first day you brought it home. We guarantee Same or Next-Day service and free 1-3 day FedEx or USPS delivery. We've reunited customers all over the US with a perfectly repaired iPod and we promise to do the same for you. Compare our prices with anyone and save. Click to order now or call us toll-free at 1-888-755-1115.

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  • You can take care of shipping your device to us. We will ship it back to you using Free guaranteed 1 to 3 Day FedEx or USPS shipping.$0.00
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The Repairlabs Guarantee

Lifetime Warranty on all Parts

We believe in our parts, and that is why we offer an amazing LIFETIME warranty on all parts we install. While you own the device you are protected under this amazing warranty. Covering any parts we have replaced, you can rest assured that your device will be taken care of during your ownership. Some exclusions apply. See full warranty for details.

90 Day Warranty on Parts & Labor

With your LIFETIME parts warranty comes an amazing 90 day guarantee that covers both parts and labor. Should anything go wrong with your device within 90 days after its repair, we will not only cover the parts but also provide free labor and shipping to put your device right again.

Low Cost Labor after first 90 days

We really do mean for your LIFETIME. If you have any problems with your device after the initial 90 day period, your parts are still covered, but a low labor fee will apply. We are proud to offer an excellent service that helps put your repair worries at ease.

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The Difference

iPod Touch 4th Gen’s come in several different sizes, including the iPod Touch 4th Gen 8gb up to the iPod Touch 4th Gen 32gb. No matter the size that you own, is more than capable of fixing it when something goes wonky.

iPod Touch 4th Gen Repairs Offered By

iPod Touch 4th Gen Water Damage - A pool party bring an end to your dance mix thanks to a wet iPod Touch? No worries, can still help you. Though we offer the most extensive water damage repair in the Industry, you better your chances of us being able to fix your iPod Touch if you get it sent to us as soon as possible!

iPod Touch 4th Gen Broken Volume Button – Broken Volume Button on your iPod Touch 4th Gen keeping you down? Well that’s what does best.. Well we do all repairs the best, but this is definitely one our better ones!

No matter if the button is completely broken or if there is a simple short inside, we’ll get you fixed right as rain in no time at all.

iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass Replacement– Did somebody run over your iPod Touch 4th gen and break the glass? Don’t laugh; we’ve had people send in their device for that exact reason! No matter how the glass got broken or cracked on your iPod Touch 4th Gen, can fix it.

Some Things to Consider

If any of things above happened to you, then it’s pretty apparent that you need a hardware repair. For those of you having iTunes issues or issues with an app that’s causing the device to lock-up or malfunction, please feel free to call us, we’re here to help you!

That’s the Customer Service at work. We’re not going to charge you repair and shipping costs on something that we can help you with over the phone for free. Don’t let other repair shops fool you into wasting your time and money. is here for you.

Next Steps From Here

Don’t forget to keep your iPod Touch 4th Gen case on your device all the time. Though damage can still happen, this is a small, simple step you can take to try and keep your investment safe. There are other options to consider as well, including getting some form of arm band to keep your iPod Touch snuggly in place, as well as screen protector to fight back against those pesky little scratches that happen over time.

With Certified Technicians and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, plus the most varied range of iPod Touch 4th Gen Repairs available, including battery replacement, glass replacement, and power button repair among others, you can be assured that you made the right choice when you to fix your device!