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About Lee Scott

Advanced Repair Specialist

Advanced Repair Specialist. Specializes in water damage repair and software, unlocks, jailbreaks and "modding." Self- taught in phone repairs, he learned when he broke his first phone, a Nokia 5100, Cricket's first mass produced phone. He took it apart and found the broken part and replaced it with a new one, and was hooked. Lee was an immediate natural at phone repair, being mechanically inclined. He's previously held positions as an automotive and diesel mechanic, and run a salvage yard. He's a proud self-proclaimed gearhead. His Dream Superpowers: Flying, 3-D vision. He believes he would rank at least 8 on the weird scale, because who else would tattoo "hooligan" on his knuckles? Ratfink, Ed Roth Hardy, the evil yet adorable gearhead rat is the fictional character he most identifies with. Hobbies: Nitro RC cars, he has five of them in his front room. Proudest Achievements: his 5 kids, ages: 11, 9, 8, 6 and 9 months.